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Dry Wall

The process of lining a wall or surface in plasterboard prior to decorating is the preferred choice when it comes to fit-out and refurbishment of buildings. Plasterboard, available in various thicknesses, lengths and types, makes it an extremely versatile building material.

Much lighter and faster than brickwork

The installation of dry lining is faster than traditional plastering techniques, requiring less water and subsequently less drying time.
Plasterboard puts less load on floors and foundations, giving more freedom to designers and architects on internal layouts. Walls can be upgraded to incorporate amongst others, insulation for sound, deflection heads for movement and plywood for subsequent fixings and security.
Widely available, plasterboard is easily obtainable and quickly installed, saving time and lowering costs.

Using us for your project?

bwdl started life as a drywall contractor over 20 years ago; experience is something we have pallet loads of! Quality-wise, we are an award winning company; we’re fast and efficient and ensure all projects are finished on time and on budget. Varying in size and complexity, there’s not much we cannot handle!

Our experience includes projects varying in size from £5,000 to £2,500,000 in every building sector: commercial office, retail, residential, public (schools/hospitals).

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